♀ Ariel Zora Cooper

» is 15 years old & a freshman
» looks like Ariana Grande
» is the daughter of Sonny&Chad

In sixth grade, Ariel Cooper and her friends were goofing around at the mall and Ariel accidentally stole a shirt from the store they were in without even noticing. The group ended up in mall jail until all of their parents came to bail them out. At first, Sonny and Chad didn’t believe Ariel that she hadn’t purposely stolen - they didn’t understand, they had the money to buy her anything she wanted. Since then, Ariel never thought that her parents truly believed her about not stealing. Now, fifteen year old Ariel Cooper is one of the most cautious and responsible teenage girls you’ll ever meet. In her group of friends, she’s traditionally though of as the ‘mother’. For some reason, it seems like Ariel always makes friends with people who cause trouble; people who are very different from herself. When she’s hanging out with her friends, Ariel seems to spend most of the time keeping them out of trouble.

Always being the voice of reason, Ariel’s friends tend to whisper to each other that she’s too uptight. Even the slightest little inkling of a plan that may go downhill causes Ariel to shoot them down, doing everything in her power to not let her friends go through with it. Although Ariel could be called careful and safe, she isn’t necessarily a coward. She’s not brave nor dangerous, but she isn’t a coward. When her friends aren’t trying to get into trouble, Ariel tends to be very affectionate towards them, almost to the point of being clingy. In theory, she could go find new friends who aren’t quite such troublemakers who think she’s bossy and uptight, but she’s too attached to them to leave.

Ariel is at the top of the freshman class, something she prides herself on. Her father doesn’t understand how he could have a child with so much brain power considering how much he’s always lacked it. Along with having the best grades, Ariel is also seen as having the trendiest style in the grade. With parents who have been fairly rich since they were in high school, Ariel always has the newest and most stylish clothing. You would possibly think that because of being one of the smartest and most fashionable girls in her grade, and almost in her school, that this has all gone to Ariel’s head. Well, you’d be wrong.

» The role of Ariel Zora Cooper is CLOSED.

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